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Products > Piston pump > > 10SCY14-1B axial piston pump
Product name : 10SCY14-1B axial piston pump
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10SCY14-1B axial piston pump
How to order:


Model No Pressure Mpa Delivery ml/r Rated speed r/min Flow l/min Power KW Max Torque N.M Weight kg


















1.25 0.9 8.7 4.5
2.5SCY14-1B 2.5 2.5 1.43 17.5 4.5~7.2
5SCY14-1B 5 5 2.9 27.4 10
10SCY14-1B 10 10 5.5 54.6 16.1~24.9
25SCY14-1B 25 25 13.7 134.9 28.2~41
32SCY14-1B 32 32 11.4 108.5 35
40SCY14-1B 40 40 20.7 197.5 40
63SCY14-1B 63 63 34.5 339.9 56~74
80SCY14-1B 80 80 29.2 278.8 63
160SCY14-1B 160 160 89.1 880.3 138~168
250SCY14-1B 250 250 136.6 1272.4 227
400SCY14-1B 400 400 138 1906.0 230
Hydraulic piston pump 1.25SCY14-1B, piston pump 2.5SCY14-1B, piston pump 5SCY14-1B, piston pump 10SCY14-1B
piston pump 25SCY14-1B, piston pump 32MCY14-1B, piston pump 40SCY14-1B, piston pump 63SCY14-1B
piston pump 80SCY14-1B, piston pump 160SCY14-1B, piston pump 250SCY14-1B, piston pump 400SCY14-1B

The 10SCY14-1B axial piston pump is equipped with a valve plate and a cylinde block. In order to reduce the friction between the piston shoe and the wear plate, as well as the friction between the cylinder block and the valve plate, the product is designed with a hydrostatic balance system. This design provides the product with longer service life. Also, the product has other features, suct as simple structure, high efficient, light weight, and strong self-suction capability.

Respect reminder: our company is factory direct sales, without any intermediate links; Our company adopts the national three-package policy for CY series axial piston pump, and all the pumps are three-package for one year.

10scy14-1b manual variable axial piston pump, see figure 2. The principle is to rotate the handwheel to make the variable piston move up and down, drive the variable head inclination Angle change, change the plunger travel length, to achieve the purpose of variable. This type of variable applies only to infrequent variables and does not require remote manipulation.

The working principle and structure of axial piston pump

The main body is driven by the drive shaft to rotate the cylinder block, so that the seven plungers evenly distributed on the cylinder block rotate around the Central Line of the drive shaft, and the sliding boots in the column sliding group body are pressed on the variable head (or swash plate) through the central spring. Thus the plunger reciprocates with the rotation of the cylinder to complete oil absorption and oil pressure action.


No. 1, it is recommended to use N46 anti-wear hydraulic oil, the work should pay attention to the oil temperature rise at any time, medium oil tank temperature shall not exceed 60 c, the most suitable for the oil temperature is 30 c ^ 55 c, when the oil temperature is less than or greater than 15 c 60 c should give heating or cooling.

2. The hydraulic oil should be replaced once every 1-6 months, and the oil tank should be cleaned to remove dirt and dust. For the new put into use of the hydraulic equipment should be used for a month or so to clean the oil tank to replace the new oil. The filter screen should be cleaned when cleaning the oil tank, and the filter element of the oil filter should be replaced and cleaned regularly. To save cost, it is recommended to use oil filter truck to filter oil.

3. The external electrical control line is introduced by the electrical box, please pay special attention to the motor steering direction should be consistent with the direction of the pump arrow mark, the control voltage of the solenoid valve must be consistent with the electromagnet mark.

4. Start oil pump and motor: check whether the regulating handwheel and handle in the system are normal before starting. Whether the position of the electrical switch and the travel block is firm, etc., then it can start up without load first, and slowly pressurize after no load for 15 minutes. Under normal circumstances, it is not appropriate to frequently open and close the motor during the working process. When starting at low temperature, it is necessary to adjust the rated pressure of the overflow valve to 1/2, and then start the motor repeatedly to make the overflow valve overflow completely and warm the hydraulic oil until the temperature rises to about 20C before putting it into use. (the one with heater can be directly heated up).

5. The equipment should work under the rated pressure, otherwise it may lead to overheating, overload and damage of other components. * think carefully!!

Notes for use of oil pump:

1, the oil inlet and outlet of the oil pump must be installed according to the combination of gasket, pipe joint after good coated with a layer of butter, this can prevent air into.

2, before use must back oil hole full of oil, otherwise the pump will be short of oil and instant wear.

3. After the oil is injected, the pipe shall be idled for 10 minutes before the pressure is started, so as to reduce the residual air volume in the pump and pipe.

4, the oil inlet of the oil pump can not be installed with filter screen or filter element, which will cause the oil pump suction insufficient damage. The strainer can be installed in the oil tank or in the oil outlet.

Note: the model with the letter F is inverted, no F is forward. Need to reverse the purchase, please specify, the price is the same.

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