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Analysis of motor overheat of hydraulic gear pump

Author : Zhou Date : 6/1/2020 11:07:22 PM
Analysis of motor overheat of hydraulic gear pump

Hydraulic gear pump is widely used, such as boosting, transferring and fuel injection of oil medium in chemical, petroleum and other industries, as well as in metallurgy, mining and power station thin oil circulation of large mechanical equipment. It can also be said that hydraulic gear pump can be used as lubricating pump in various mechanical equipment.
According to ZF hydraulic Mr Xiong, during the operation of the hydraulic system, the motor connected to the gear pump often has some problems. The specific analysis is as follows:
1. Hydraulic gear pump assembly quality poor friction or motor and pump shaft are not concentric?
Check the assembly quality and remove the assembly fault.
2. Is the application range (flow, head) beyond the design requirements of gear oil pump?
Select the suitable motor according to the series type spectrum.
3. Medium specific gravity exceeds gear oil pump configuration motor?
Equipped with suitable motor for Shengze gear oil pump.
4. Too tight gland pressure or too tight mechanical seal spring adjustment?
Readjust the spring compression of gland or mechanical seal.
According to the above conditions, we can analyze one by one to find out the real cause of motor overheating. The gear oil pump is in accordance with the corresponding fault and maintenance treatment.

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