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Flow control valve detailing

Author : William Date : 8/20/2012 3:07:38 PM

Flow control valve detailing
Flow control valve through the control gas flow to the implementation of components of the control movement speed, the gas flow control is by changing the valve throttle mouth in the flow area of the realization. Throttle mouth have slender hole, short hole, axial triangular groove, and other forms. Commonly used flow control valve a throttle valve, one-way throttle valve and exhaust valve and so on, due to the throttle valve and the principle of one-way throttle valve and hydraulic valve of the same type valve similar, so here only introduce exhaust valve.


Exhaust valve structure principle is: through the regulating handle, may change the valve core left, right position so as to change the throttle mouth open degree, namely change from the mouth to the displacement size, throttle after the gas by silencing set of discharge. Exhaust valve graphic symbols. Exhaust throttle valve is often installed in reversing valve vent place, the role of the one-way throttle valve. Because of its simple structure, easy installation, can simplify the circuit, the wide application.

Because the air has the compressibility, so use pneumatic flow control valve the implementation of components of the control movement speed, its precision than hydraulic control is high, especially in low speed control. For the motion stability requirements higher occasions, can use gas liquid compound circuit.

The above:  Flow control valve features and applications