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Gear Pump system power station maintenance

Author : Date : 1/24/2013 12:26:23 AM
Gear Pump system power station maintenance

Gear Pump when using, should pay attention to the following:

1, gear pump oil pool from the height should not be too high. In addition to meeting the technical provisions of the suction height outside, where possible, should as far as possible let pump suction air highly reduced.
2, the gear pump should be as close to the tank, in order to avoid oil suction pipe is too long.
3, oil suction pipe sealing should be good, can't leak.
4, while multilevel remote delivery, the gear pump suction place vacuum shoulds not be too low.
5, in transport heavy oil should meke the oil heat, and then start the gear pump. Oil temperature should not be more than 60 ℃.
6,  before using the gear pump, should first check the pump seal device is normal, spindle idle is normal or not, if have stuck phenomenon, should be timely repair.

The above is gear pump use, should be paid attention to in the place, usually pay attention to these can reduce the risk of failure gear pump, prolong service life, to speed up the production efficiency.

The above: The application of Gear pump in plastic rubber production