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Gear pump principle and maintenance of common sense

Author : Xiong Date : 8/22/2012 2:14:03 AM

Gear pump principle and maintenance of common sense

Gear pump working principle analysis:

External gear double pump structure. A pair of pitch gear and pump cylinder make the suction chamber and the discharge cavity seperate. Gear turns, suction chamber side tooth mutual disconnect place between tooth volume increase gradually, drop in pressure, the liquid in the pressure difference between in under the action of tooth. With the rotation of the gear, each between tooth liquid was taken to the discharge chamber. Then discharge chamber side tooth mesh place between tooth volume gradually narrowed, and the liquid discharge. Gear pump is applicable to transport not containing solid particles, non-corrosive, viscosity range larger lubricity liquid. Pump flow to 300 m3 /, pressure can reach 3 x 107 palmer. It is usually used for hydraulic pump and transport all kinds of oil products. Pump simple and compact structure, easy manufacturing, maintenance convenience, self-priming ability, but the flow, pressure pulsation bigger and large noise. Pump must be installed with safety valve, in order to prevent for some reason such as discharge pipe blockage of pump outlet pressure more than permissible value and damage the pump or prime mover.

Gear pump principle and maintenance of common sense

The gear  pump depend on pump cylinder and meshing gear formed between the working volume change and move to transport the liquid or the pressurization of the rotary pump. The two gear, pump body and cover before and after consisting of two closed space, when gear turns, out of gear side of the volume of space from bigger, forming a vacuum, the liquid inhalation and gear mesh side of the space from the big volume smaller, and the liquid pile in line to. Suction chamber and discharge cavity is to rely on two gear meshing line to spaced. The gear pump outlet pressure all depends on the size of the pump source resistance.

Gear Pump operation and maintenance:

1, starting:

(1) before starting  check all piping flange, joint sealing.

(2) disk dynamic coupling, no friction and collision sound.

(3) should be the first start to pump injected conveying liquid.

(4) before starting  should open suction and discharge line of valve, it is strictly prohibited to closing valve start.

(5) verification motor rotation direction, the starter motor.

2, parking:

(1) shut off the motor.

(2) shut off the pump inlet and outlet valve.

The above: Flow control valve detailing