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Gear pump surface adhesive coating coating process

Author : Xiong Date : 12/18/2012 4:47:36 PM
Gear pump surface adhesive coating coating process

Gear pump
surface adhesive coating coating process: initial cleaning to preprocess and finally cleaning and activation treatment, preparation and repairing adhesive coating, curing, finishing, cleaning or after processing. Gear pump surface adhesive coating technology although relatively simple, but the actual construction requirements are quite strict with only choose good adhesive, not necessarily can obtain high adhesive strength of the coating. Should choose appropriate adhesive, and strictly according to the correct process methods are sticky coating appropriate adhesive, and strictly according to the correct process method bedding line adhesive coating can be achieved adhesive coating effect. Its simple process, convenient agile, safe, reliable, and does not need special equipment, just put matched good glue coating on cleaned good parts surface, wait for after curing can be overhauled, often at room temperature operation, will not make parts produce joule equivalent effect and deformation etc. 
1) initial cleaning
Gear pump parts surface is absolutely can not have oil, water, rust, dust, etc. Shall first use gasoline, diesel oil or kerosene coarse wash, the acetone cleaning. 
2) preprocessing
With fine sand paper mill into certain groove mesh, show matrix nature.
3) the last cleaning and activation treatment
With acetone or special cleaning agent for. Then use sand, flame or chemical process, improve the surface activity.
4) repairing adhesive preparation
Repair and tonic when use to press A regulation strictly proportional to the agent (A) and curing agent (B) fully mixed, with the same color as well, and within the time prescribed by the run out, as with the match with.
5) coating
Earlier in the pump with repairing adhesive viscosity repair on the surface coating a layer of thin, repeatedly scratch with the parts fully infiltrates, and then evenly to a certain size, and set aside finishing allowance. In the coating as far as possible moves in one direction, reciprocating coating will air parcel in rubber formed in bubble or hole.
6) curing
With coated with release agent in the pump plate pressure at work, general room temperature curing should be 24 hours, heat curing (about 80 ℃) need 2-3 hours.
7) finishing, cleaning or after processing
Fine boring or needle file, fine sand paper, stone will glue shaving finishing to required size.

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