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Gear pump due to wear appeared leakage causes and product features

Author : Xiong Date : 11/9/2012 5:20:27 AM
Gear pump due to wear appeared leakage causes and product features

Gear pump long running total internal parts after wear can cause leakage, generally in the gear face and thrust plate inside leaking between, with internal wear and the augment of clearance between pump self-priming capacity will be worse, pressure also will be more and more low, causing gear pump flow decreases. Gear oil pump leakage caused by pressure and flow smaller. The floating shaft sleeve and gear end leakage between large area, resulting in the leakage of the main parts. This part of the leakage quantity of all leakage of 50% ~ 70%. Wear leakage of gear pump the volumetric efficiency drops, oil pump output greatly lower than the input power. Its loss all changed into heat energy, and therefore cause pump overheating. If combined with plane compaction, for work floating bush will have a small amount of movement caused by wear, the pressure and flow down, this floating bush must be replaced or repaired.
1, gear pump is mainly composed of gear, shaft, pump body, pump cover, bearing sleeve, shaft end seal parts, etc. Gear and shaft are subject to stringent heat treatment, the hardness and wear resistance, and shaft with installed in shaft sleeve inside. Pump running in all parts are using its conveying medium lubrication.
2, gear pump inside four bearing sleeve in the pump body floating installation, along with the work pressure size automatic adjustment face interval, so the pump pressure stable, output pulsation of the flow rate is small, the volumetric efficiency high.
3, shall regularly check the gear pump gear and thrust plate wear.
4, especially conveying lubricity differential medium, for the convenience of our in the production process to the gear oil pump have come into contact with the medium flow components to use special wear-resisting material. When ordering, please indicate.
Our company has advanced complete production equipment , the key parts are made by the integration of numerical control processing mode, quality assurance means perfect, the product properties are stable up to standard technology index, reliable quality, over the years has been rated as "China famous brand", the national certification letter quality of products, is the provincial government named the provincial contract-observing trust-worthy enterprise. Our company not only has the profession leading technology and research and development strength, but also perfecting the service system is also we provide the most effective high precision gear pump, three screw pump products and services and rapid response services quality powerful guarantee!

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