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Gear pump's matters in use needing attention

Author : Zhang Date : 2/5/2013 1:03:42 AM
Gear pump's matters in use needing attention 

A, when installation
1. Before the installation, should check the shaft in transit is damaged, such as motor sweat, knock against, gear pump's import and export  have been into dirt, etc.
2. Installation of piping shall be clean, and avoid the weight of the pipe by the pump to take.
3. The pipe connection parts shall not leak.
4. Transport the liquid waste is serious, should install proper filter unit.
B, before using
1. Gear pump's fasteners are strong.
2. In pipeline valve is open.
3. Pump rotation direction is in compliance with requirements (requirements single rotary pump according to the steering sign installation work).
4. Transport high temperature medium should be adopted when starting point start running a minute rejoining work.
C, use
1. Pay attention to pump pressure should comply with the provisions of technical specification.
2. Pay attention to shaft seal, if leakage occurs, depending on the degree of trimming compression screw, do not screw tight.
3. Don't adjust safety valve's adjusting screw.
4. Gear pump produce abnormal noise, should immediately stop work, for inspection.

The above: Pressure switch use taboo