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Heat gear pump casing wear

Author : Zhang Date : 2/1/2013 7:58:41 PM
Heat gear pump casing wear

Heat gear pump is through a pair of parameters and structure of the same involute gear mutual rolling gear, make oil gear pump the low pressure oil in the tank  to the high pressure oil can do work the important parts.

The engine's mechanical energy into hydraulic energy of the power plant. Oil gear pump flow is big, good reliability. In the use process is easy to appear the abrasiveness fault, we should pay attention to maintenance.

Heat gear pump wear mainly floating shaft sleeve hole wear (gear shaft and shaft sleeve of normal clearance is 0.09 ~ 0.175 mm, the biggest shall not be longer than 0.20 mm). Gear work pressure is the role of the oil, oil gear pump shell, near the tip of the wear and tear of the low pressure cavity pump body part. Another kind of wear is the internal working face into circular like wear, the wear is mainly caused by the oil added not net, so must add no impurity of the oil.

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