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High pressure gear pump radial force and balance method

Author : Date : 7/29/2012 8:40:43 PM

High pressure  gear pump radial force and balance method

High presssure gear pump work inner pressure distribution following the external circle circumference by everywhere is not equal to the pressure, the pressure from the suction to eduction is rising, therefore, in gear will function of bearing radial force, thus increasing the bearing load. Obviously, bearing the radial force on the role with the gear pump discharge and increased pressure, so, some gear pump has also taken the radial force balance measures, to reduce the load bearing. Radial force balance method is to put the gear round different pressure part ways with oil and oil absorption, exhibit space appropriate communication, to achieve the balance on the circumference gear oil pressure.

High pressure gear pump should be paid attention to in the use and management, before starting the should carry on the general internal and external inspection, to make the inside and outside no barriers; To check the system and instrumentation is normal. In addition, still should pay attention to:

(1) before starting the must open the discharge globe valve and sucked stop valve, will never allow closed start. Sucked globe valve does not open, can not reach the oil purpose. Therefore, to maintain smooth discharge pipeline system, check the gear pump export of the relief valve is normal or not.

(2) as far as possible to avoid the gear pump do turn. Start-up in pump oil filled; Otherwise, dry turn will accelerate the wear parts, the gap increases, destroy the normal work of the pump and the ability to absorb.

(3) to try to minimize suction resistance. Inhaled globe valve must be shattered, suction filter often should undertake cleanness. Considering the gear pump general as oil pump used, and the oil viscosity and bigger, so the oil pump in the winter when starting sometimes need a good heating; And in the work, if the oil temperature is high, also easy to produce the cavitation, so, want to appropriate cooling.

(4) had better not over the rated work under pressure; Otherwise, will not only of pump shaft power increases, the prime mover in overload, and high pressure will increase the leakage, increase bearing load and wear, and even cause deformation, breakage and cause accidents.

(5) to prevent air. Sucked air will make flow decrease, drainage of the instantaneous send more uneven flow, but also can cause pressure pulsation and noise.

(6) for a mechanical shaft seal of high pressure gear pump, should maintain a small oil leakage, the sealing surface of lubrication.

7 high pressure during normal working gear pump, not be allowed strong vibration and noise; Packing temperature to normal, should not appear abnormal leakage phenomenon; The flow rate of the pump should be able to satisfy the need, and flow enough pressure by observation can keep in normal range for judgment, so, want to keep the oil pressure changes. In the pipeline system resistance under normal operation of pump pressure is not more than normal; But, if the pressure did not reach the required numerical, the high pressure of the gear pump flow may be insufficient.

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