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High pressure piston pump operating pressure

Author : Xiong Date : 3/31/2020 2:19:00 PM
High pressure piston pump operating pressure

The application pressure of high-pressure piston pump should be between 10MPa and 100MPa. It is referred to as a positive displacement pump, by means of periodic changes in the volume of the operating chamber to achieve the purpose of transporting liquid; The mechanical energy of the prime mover is directly converted into the pressure energy of liquid transport by the pump. The capacity of pump only depends on the change value of the working chamber volume and the number of changes per unit time. Reciprocating pump depends on reciprocating motion of piston in working chamber of hydraulic cylinder (or periodic elastic deformation of flexible elements such as gap and bellows in working chamber) to make working chamber volume change periodically. In structure, the reciprocating pump chamber is separated from the outside by means of sealing equipment, through the pump valve (suction valve and discharge valve) and pipe communication or closure. High - pressure reciprocating pump is suitable for a wide range of reciprocating pump. It is mainly applicable to the petroleum, chemical and fertilizer industries as process pumps, oil fields, salt mines as injection pumps, construction, shipbuilding, chemical industries such as high pressure cleaning and scaling, steel pipes, pressure vessels as pressure test pumps, booster pumps. This wide range of applications is primarily due to its functional characteristics. 1. The discharge pressure of the high-pressure reciprocating pump has nothing to do with the structure size and rotation speed. The maximum discharge pressure only depends on the power, strength and sealing function of the pump itself. The flow rate of motorized reciprocating pump has nothing to do with discharge pressure simply, only when the pressure is high, because the gas contained in the liquid is dissolved in the liquid, valve and packing leakage and other factors, so that the pump flow rate is slightly changed. Therefore, the reciprocating pump can not use closed outlet valve to regulate the flow. When closing the discharge valve, the motor overload or pump damage will be caused by the surge of discharge pressure. 2. Reciprocating pump has self-priming capacity. The reciprocating pump does not need to be pumped before starting, it can absorb the liquid by itself. But the actual use of the pump cylinder is still expected to be liquid, on the one hand can immediately drain the liquid, on the other hand to prevent piston and pump cylinder or plunger (piston rod) and packing dry conflict to reduce wear. Reciprocating pump suction capacity and speed, speed improvement, not only make the activity loss increased, and inertia loss also increased, the formation of pump cylinder suction pressure drop. When the pressure in the pump cylinder is lower than the liquid gasification pressure, some liquid will start to vaporize in the cylinder, so that the suction of the pump to reduce the degree of filling, and cavitation scene. Serious cavitation will lead to water hammer, make the parts of the pump damage, shorten the service life of the pump. 3. The instantaneous flow has pulsation, and the uniform flow is a constant value. Because the reciprocating pump of liquid medium suction and discharge process is replaced, and the piston (or plunger) in the displacement process of the speed is constantly changing. In a pump with only one cylinder, the -102 - quantity varies from moment to moment and is not connected. As for the multi-cylinder pump, the phase placement of the cylinder is reasonable, which can reduce the fluctuation of the instantaneous flow in the discharge pipeline. However, the fluctuation of the instantaneous flow is unavoidable. Theoretically, it can be considered that the flow has nothing to do with the discharge pressure and has nothing to do with the characteristics of the liquid. Single cylinder pump flow intermittent output, not as uniform as the centrifugal pump, but because its liquid is "one cylinder one cylinder" discharge, so can be used to measure the amount of liquid. 4, fluid power pump with safe and reliable characteristics. It is suitable for fire protection, explosion protection, power failure repair and no power supply. 5. The flow can be accurately measured. The flow of reciprocating pump can be accurately measured by various conditioning tissues, such as metering pump. 6. Motorized reciprocating pump is suitable for conveying high pressure and small flow.