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How to choose oil suction filter

Author : Mr William Date : 1/25/2013 12:35:43 AM
How to choose oil suction filter

This is also a method and experience, a hydraulic system is good or bad based on oil suction filter choice is right or wrong, many friends are not very well in choose the oil suction filter, and a lot of people will make a mistake, before choosing must see clear. Oil suction filter as a hydraulic system pollution control of main components, the selection is reasonable, daily use (maintenance) is correct, directly related to the safety and reliability of the system, and in practical application, many users to filter the selection and use of there are certain error, this not only affects the production efficiency, but also can cause the waste of resources. Most of the users in the hydraulic filter selection of two common error, to provide you with some Suggestions for reference:

1. High precision oil suction filter in the overloaded after pollutants, easy to cause the congestion, the pump oil absorption impeded, appear suction air phenomenon, accelerating pump wear, which seriously affects the system safety. So, oil suction filter pressure drop to carry out strict control. General hydraulic system can consider to install low accuracy oil suction filter to protect pump, and on the pollutant sensitive components to be installed ahead of filter to protect, to control the particle pollution on its influence. In order to the most effective capture circuit for element wear or outside intrusion pollution, suggest installate oil filter to control, in order to improve the purity of the whole system, and at the same time in the system before operation to pipe, tank cleaning thoroughly, in order to ensure the oil pollution. So the whole system of oil pollution basically controlled, protects both pump and also protect the whole system.

2. Choose high precision oil suction filter can not only effectively protect pump, and can guarantee the purity of the system, because the oil particle pollutants will aggravate the pump wear, thus affecting the pump performance and life, large particle pollutants may also make pump card dead, the serious influence system safety and reliability, therefore, choose suitable oil suction filter, is necessary. However, some users simply think choose high precision oil suction filter can not only protect pump, and can guarantee the system cleanliness, is not completely correct.

There are two parts above, and one is you in the choice when buying, must want to ask related manufacturers or the teacher, as long as it is finally passed the most professional inspection that there is no problem, I hope you can choose the most suitable oil suction filter.