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How to deal with high pressure pump thick oil bad reason

Author : Zhang Date : 1/14/2013 7:56:35 PM
How to deal with high pressure gear pump thick oil bad reason

How to deal with high pressure gear pump thick oil bad reason, high pressure pump material is to be used the best.
1. The high pressure gear pump violent vibration: maybe motor rotor unbalance, or coupling with bad, bearing wear bending; May also turn parts loose, burst; Perhaps it is because line support not firm, etc. It could be carried out adjustment, repair, reinforcement, change the way such as processing.
2. Line oil or gas leakage: maybe when installation nut is not tight. If leakage not serious, can be in gas leakage or oil leakage place daub sludge or asphalt oil mixing oil mud. Temporary repair can put some wet mud or soft soap. If in the layup oil leakage, use hand tighten the nut. Oil leakage serious must to dismantle.
3. Packing: overheating for packing caused by pressuring too tight, cooling oil into less than packing inside, or shaft surface damage. Can take the appropriate relax packing, cleaning sealing pipe blockage etc. Packing wear must be replaced new. Before the installation in the oil inside penetration, by ring load, incision to separation, which can reduce the oil leakage. The last lap packing pack good, impaction gland, operating at the tightness of readjustment.
4. High pressure gear pump not oil suction or discharge: the reason for bottom valve jammed, oil filter part of the silt, oil absorption height is too high or oil absorption gas leak, also may be turned to wrong, impeller passage blockage. Through the examine, respectively take repair bottom valve, clear silt content, correct steering, cleaning impeller etc measures to deal with.

The above:  The working principle of vane pump