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Hydraulic filter blockage's reason

Author : Date : 1/25/2013 11:12:26 PM
Hydraulic filter blockage's reason

A lot of time hydraulic system work a half and suddenly his flameout, this time you should check in the hydraulic system of hydraulic filters, usually under the condition of the hydraulic filter is blocked, it has several hydraulic filter different jam reason:

A. hydraulic filter often jams main reason is that oil is too dirty, and one reason is that the selection of the filtration precision is too small;
B. hydraulic filter filtration effect is bad, very easy to cause the damage to the hydraulic system, the main reason is the selection of the filtration precision filtration precision is too big, and one is filter or filter has been damaged;
C. There are often appear hydraulic filter difference is high, should clean or replace hydraulic filter.

Hydraulic filter maintenance small knowledge:

1. Make a filter maintenance schedule and strictly implement can't relax;
2. Check from the system change down filter, and find out the system failure and potential problems first column sign;
3. Don't leak it out of any oil rewind system operation.

As long as it is all about the above two hydraulic filter different knowledge, so you can very good maintenance or repair the hydraulic filter.

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