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Hydraulic parts line pipe matching methods

Author : Date : 1/25/2013 12:23:56 AM
Hydraulic parts line pipe matching methods

How to let hydraulic parts line  appropriate with hydraulic tube?  There are a lot of methods and cultured, Below it is I summarize out of ten methods to hydraulic parts line piping matching :

1. In order to guarantee the beautiful appearance, general welded steel pipe to all the outer surface of the spray paint, the main pressure line is usually red, control hydraulic parts line general to orange, return line is commonly blue or light blue, cooling line is usually yellow.
2.  Selecting hose should also be noted: select the hose, should adopt the factory sample hose indicated that the maximum recommended working pressure not less than the largest system pressure hose, otherwise, it will reduce the service life of the hose, even damage the hose. Hose choice is according to the hydraulic system design of the highest pressure value to determine. Due to the hydraulic system pressure value is usually a dynamic, sometimes appears impact pressure, impact pressure peak will greatly higher than the highest pressure value of the system. But system generally has overflow valve, the shock pressure will not affect the fatigue life of the hose. For impact special frequent hydraulic system, the proposal is chosen special high pulse pressure hose products. The hose should be used in the hose quality specifications allowed temperature range. If working environment more than this range, will affect the life of the hose, the bearing capacity will also be greatly reduced. Working environment temperature too high or too low for a long time of the system, it is suggested that the soft tube protector. Hose assembly cleanliness level may be different, must guarantee that the hose assembly with the purity of the application requirements.
3. The whole pipeline requirement as far as possible short, turn number is less, the transition smooth, as far as possible to reduce the number of joint and bending buckle, ensure the line of expansion deformation, in a live according to the head of place, line length should be able to ensure that joint removal easy installation, system main line or accessaries can free dismantling, and does not affect the other element.
4. On the equipment installation line, should decorate parallel or perpendicular direction, pay attention to tidy, line cross to less as far as possible.
5. Parallel or cross the line between due 10 mm above the gap, in order to prevent the interference and vibration.
6. Hydraulic fittings pipe connected to a threaded connection, flange connection and welding three. According to pressure, diameter and material selection, threaded connection is suitable for small diameter of the tubing, low pressure pipe diameter in  50mm below, high pressure pipe diameter in 25 -38 mm below. Pipe diameter bigger, then using flange connection. Welding connection with low cost, is not easy to leak, so in ensure the installation discharge conditions, should as far as possible, in order to reduce the butt weld pipe fittings.
7. Hydraulic parts line in the installation, the pipe joint and flange welding in position, when the whole line is determined, and down for pickling or cleaning, then dry, oil, pressure test. The last official installation are not allowed in the sand, iron oxide iron filings and dirt into the line and components inside.
8. It should be pointed out that with the development of technology, the production period is reduced, the card sleeve type joint and the pickling phosphating treatment of steel pipe fittings that the hydraulic system need not again after the complex secondary installation, according to the actual need, the steel pipe bending forming and truncation, burr, cleaning, can be in direct test after installation.
9. Hydraulic parts line can't in the circular part of the joint, must in the straight part of the joint. Flange welding, and line center square. In a curved pipe installed on flange, can only be installed in the line of the linear part.
Hydraulic parts line the highest part should be equipped with exhaust device, in order to start off the air in the pipe.
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