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Hydraulic pump match with oil disk repair examples

Author : Xiong Date : 10/22/2012 8:00:00 AM
Hydraulic pump match with oil disk repair examples

Hydraulic pump
match with  oil plate serious wear and tear, will make the high and low pressure between cavity by breakdown. Light person generate heat, consumption power, and seal aging, oil temperature rise high, shorten the service life of the machine; The person that weigh will lead to hydraulic system can't work. A very simple emergency repair methods, though there was no use high precision special surface grinding machine, but repair effect is very ideal. The concrete methods are as follows:

1 materials needed to
80 mesh, 180 purpose alumina valve grinding sand each 1 box, 120 #, 200 # of coarse and fine water cloth every 10 PCS, oil 2 kg or so, circular planar permanent magnet (or 100 watts speakers of magnet), 1 piece, steel plate (200 mm x 200 mm x 10 mm), flat glass (400 mm x 400 mm x 5 mm), 1 piece, washing gasoline about 10 kg, and brush, oil basin, etc.

2 operation method
(1) the coarse grinding. Choose 120 # coarse water cloth in flat glass and add a few oil and 80 mesh grinding sand, then oil distribution disk flat on water cloth on the flat grinding. Flat grinding technique is: the side edge grinding turn, trajectory is "8" glyph. The extent of the flat grinding is basically eliminate the large and deep groove.
(2) fine grinding. Use the same method as above, use 120 # fine water cloth to dynamic and oil distribution plate of flat grinding, until completely eliminate all of its groove tank so far.
(3) fine grinding. With permanent magnet will move oil distribution disk absorb, again will be permanent magnet flat suction to steel plate (at this point, the oil distribution plate is equivalent to a certain a platform, not only can play to dynamic oil distribution plate positioning effect, and can make the move, or oil distribution disc grinding uniform, and grinding technique requirements is lax), will be 180 to grinding sand and oil mix well and then apply to oil distribution plate, gently on the oil distribution plate (for oil distribution plate have suction, want to take care), the hand can't press, fully use of magnet suction distribution grinding. Methods or side edge grinding turn, trajectory is "8" glyph. When the ground to move, and oil distribution plate surface no mark, then coated oil in oil distribution plate, and using the same grinding 20 min or so, fine grinding work is completed. The demagnetization device will oil distribution plate remanent magnetization return can.
(4) test. Use gasoline will match oil pan clean, in flat glass coated with butter, oil distribution plate on the coated with butter plane (butter is to prevent oil distribution plate and glass plate between oil leakage), then clean gasoline to join oil distribution plate of high and low pressure oil distribution hole, see oil distribution plate and high pressure cavity and low pressure between cavity to see if any oil leakage, if there is no obvious oil leakage, which conform to the accuracy requirement.

The above: 
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