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Hydraulic station working principle

Author : Xiong Date : 3/6/2013 12:30:56 AM
Hydraulic station working principle

Hydraulic station also called hydraulic pump station, is independent of the hydraulic device, it according to drive (host) for oil supply, and control oil flow direction, pressure and flow, apply to host and hydraulic device can separate all kinds of hydraulic machinery .
After the user's purchase as long as the hydraulic station and host of the actuator (oil cylinder and oil motor) tubing is linked together, hydraulic machinery can realize various provisions of the movement, the work cycle.
Motor drive pump to rotate, the pump from the tank after oil absorption lubricate oil, the mechanical energy into hydraulic oil pressure, hydraulic oil through the integrated block (or valve combination) is hydraulic valve realize the direction, pressure and flow control by external line transmission to the hydraulic mechanical oil cylinder or oil motor, so as to control the liquid motive direction transformation, the size of the power and speed, and promote the speed of hydraulic mechanical work.

The above: Gear pump's matters in use needing attention