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Improve the theory of gear pump flow method and disadvantages

Author : Date : 1/17/2013 12:43:23 AM
Improve the theory of gear pump flow method and disadvantages

Sometimes in order to production needs, needs to improve gear pump flow. To improve the flow of the method believe everyone can find on the Internet or in books. Improve the flow has the advantage, does have its downside,  not many people know that improve the flow of the corresponding methods of drawbacks, so, in this, roughly describe.

Increase the diameter of the gear teeth, width, speed N and reduce the number of teeth.

But there are still below evils:
1, N too much will make tooth turned the suction chamber time too short, N and diameter increase make gear circumferential velocity increase, the centrifugal force increase.
2, increase suction difficulties, root place oil pressure p is reduced, can separate out gas, leading to Q decreases, and cause vibration and produce noise, and even make pump will not work.
3, the maximum circumferential velocity should be based on the oil viscosity and be restrictions: usually maximum rotational speed is no more than 5 ~ 6 m/s, with the highest speed is in commonly 3000 r/min or so.
4, increase the width of tooth can make the radial force increases, the tooth surface contact line extension, is not easy to keep a good seal.
5, reduce the number of teeth is can make the tooth space volume V increase and Q increase, but will make Q not uniformity weighting.