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Lift valve application principle

Author : Xiong Date : 12/23/2012 12:49:42 AM
Lift valve application principle

Lift valve role is only allowed to medium flows in one direction, and to prevent reverse flow. This valve is normally automatic work, in a direction of flow of fluid pressure effect, the globe valve opening; The opposite direction of fluid flow, the fluid pressure and disc from coincidence role in the valve seat valve disc, and cut off the flow.
When the medium according to stipulations direction, disc by medium force, be open; Medium counter-current, for disc self-respect and disc by medium reverse force in the role of the disc and seat sealing surface closed and closed to prevent medium counter-current purpose.
Lift valve refers to rely on the medium itself flow and automatic open and closed valve disc, used to prevent the backflow medium valve, also known as check valve, one-way valve, flow valve, and back pressure valve. Check valve belongs to a kind of automatic valve, its main function is to prevent backflow medium, to prevent the pump and motor reversal, and the discharge of the container medium. Check valve can also be used to give the pressure may be to more than the system pressure of the auxiliary system supply piping.