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Oil suction filter's installation and index

Author : Zhang Date : 1/27/2013 3:22:06 AM
Oil suction filter's installation and index

A. Oil suction filter's installation:
Often  oil suction filter is installed in the pump oil suction place, to protect oil pump and other hydraulic components, in order to avoid suction pollution impurities, effectively control hydraulic system pollution, adjust hydraulic system cleanliness. Oil suction filter can be installed directly in the tank side , top or bottom, oil absorption barrel intrusion tank inside the liquid level, oil suction filter head was revealed in the outside of the tank, and is equipped with Self-sealing valve, bypass valve, filter pollution jam transmitter and other devices, the devices let replace filter and clean filter tank inside the oil won't outflow. But in order to avoid the pump causes cavitation phenomenon, must make full attention to the pressure loss, generally used in 100-200 to coarse metal mesh or notched wire material. Therefore, it is not a control system of the sewage concentration of filter.

B. Oil suction filter performance index:

1. The pressure drop characteristic: hydraulic system of filter for oil is a kind of liquid resistance, thus the oil after must produce pressure drop. Generally speaking, in the filter size and oil flow certain circumstances, filter filtration precision is higher, the pressure drop is bigger, the flow of certain circumstances, filter effective filter area is larger, or the oil viscosity is smaller, the smaller the pressure drop. Filter the maximum allowable pressure drop, should be to make filter does not happen structural damage for the principle. Usually, aviation, ships with filter initial pressure drop should not be more than 0.25 MPa; Machinery filter pressure drop is not more than 0.08 MPa to 0.15 MPa.
2. Dirt capacity: filter in the pressure drop is greater than that of its provisions before the limit of entrapment of pollutant problem called the dirty capacity to weight (g) said. Filter dirt capacity is larger, the life is long, so it is an important index of the filter life. Filter's effective filter area is more bigger, the dirt capacity bigger also.
3 filtration precision: refers to the filter filtration precision of different size particles of pollutant filtering capacity, commonly used absolute filtering precision, filtering ratio and filtration efficiency and etc index to assess, filtration precision points (d ≥ 0.1 mm), general (d ≥ 0.01 mm), fine (d ≥ 0.005 mm), and especially fine (d ≥ 0.001 mm) four level standard.

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