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Oil suction filter's main function

Author : Zhang Date : 1/31/2013 10:05:22 PM
Oil suction filter's main function

Now the oil suction filter with quite a few, the oil suction filter is mainly in hydraulic system of a type of filter, different filters are relatively have different functions, you in the installation and use must be pay more attention to see,  installation mistake will lead hydraulic system or machine can't work normally, in every once before see related configuration and instructions, such ability won't appear oil suction filter error, then the oil suction filter mainly have what effect? Oil suction filter main role is : in the use of hydraulic system inside the oil suction filter also there are many don't need, oil suction filter is installed in the hydraulic system pump oil absorption interface place, the main function is to better protect hydraulic pump or other hydraulic accessories worn, and is not absorption have not clean impurity objects, so that we can better not let hydraulic system is  object damage by not clean impurity to control hydraulic system clean and firm. Oil suction filter can also convenient loading in the hydraulic system of the tank side don't above or below. But in order to avoid the pump causes cavitation phenomenon, must make full attention to the pressure loss, generally used in 100-200 to coarse metal mesh or notched wire material. Therefore, it is not a control system of the sewage concentration of filter. This is the oil suction filter and other series of each of the same effect.