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Pressure switch application principle

Author : Date : 7/31/2012 6:38:14 PM

Pressure switch application principle

Pressure switch is using liquid pressure signal to electrical contacts in the opening and closing of the hydraulic and electric conversion components. It in the oil pressure to achieve their set pressure, send an electrical signal, the control electrical components action, realize the pump loading or unloading, the implementation of components of the sequence of actions or the system's safety protection and chain etc. Function.


When the oil pressure of the pressure relay setting pressure, the effect of the fort in the column force through the plunger close the micro switch, send out signals.


Pressure relay use: for oil import throttling circuit, pressure relay into the throttle and oil cylinder between, when the pistons sports meet death after the iron block, using oil cylinder oil import cavity pressure increases the pressure relay signals; For return oil throttling circuit, pressure relay into the throttle and oil cylinder between, when piston operation. The throttle make back oil chamber produces a certain back pressure, pressure relay through at this time when meet the death iron block, then back to the oil chamber pressure drops to zero, and loosen the pressure relay micro switch and signal.

Pressure relay in hydraulic system of application is very wide, such as cutting tools moved to meet the specified position or load iron block too big when automatic exit; Lubrication system is at fault work machinery automatic parking; The program automatically change the system work by etc, are typical examples.

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