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Pressure switch main performance

Author : Date : 8/4/2012 5:45:56 AM

Pressure switch main performance

Pressure switch of the main properties including pressure regulating scope, sensitivity and hige adjustment interval, repeat precision and higher blood pressure, the action time, etc.

(1) pressure regulating range

Pressure regulating range is pressure switch can send a signal to the minimum work pressure and maximum pressure range.

(2) sensitivity and hige adjustment interval

Pressure increases, connect the electrical signals pressure (open pressure) and the difference of cutting off the electrical signals pressure  (closure pressure) is the sensitivity of the pressure relay called. To avoid pressure fluctuations of pressure relay connected, frequently broken, requirements and shut a pressure, between the adjustable difference called hige adjustment interval.

(3) repeat precision

In a certain set pressure, blood pressure and boost many times in the process, open pressure and closure pressure differential value is called repeat precision.

(4) liters, step-down action time

Pressure by unloading pressure ascended to the set pressure, micro switch out the time signal, called boost the action time; And called step-down action time.

The role these above performance of the pressure switch, the most important is sensitivity and repeat precision. A good performance of the pressure switch, should have a better sensitivity and higher repeat precision.

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