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Pressure switch use taboo

Author : Zhang Date : 2/4/2013 1:23:21 AM
Pressure switch use taboo

Pressure switch common failure sensitivity reduction and micro switch damage, etc., due to the valve core, push rod of radial clamping or micro switch empty stroke caused by too.
1) when the valve core or push rod happen radial clamping, friction increases. The resistance and the valve core and push rod movement method, on the contrary, it's a direction to help surge spring force, make the oil pressure, and the other a direction to help oil pressure service spring force, make the oil pressure is reduced, so the pressure switch sensitivity to reduce.
2) in use due to micro switch support deformation or zero adjustable partly loose, can make the original adjust or in the assembly to ensure the micro switch minimum empty stroke change, lower sensitivity.
3) pressure switch oil drain cavity if not directly back tank, due to the oil drain mouth back pressure is too high, also can make lower sensitivity.
4) differential pressure switch micro switch part and drain oil cavity with rubber diaphragm open, so when the inlet chamber and drain oil cavity after back, pressure oil which breaks through the rubber diaphragm into micro switch part, and damage micro switch.
5) due to the regulating spring chamber and drain oil cavity are interlinked, adjusting screw place no seal, so when the drainage pressure is too high, the adjusting screw place now external leakage phenomenon, so oil drain cavity must direct back tank.
6) in death stop positioning of the throttle control circuit, the pressure switch installation position and flow control valve should be on the same side, and close to the hydraulic cylinder. Inlet throttle velocity loop inlet chamber pressure along with the load change, when working parts met dead stop stop motion, the pressure to overflow valve setting pressure, take the pressure makes the control action sequence of instruction model. And in return oil throttle speed loop it is oil cavity pressure changes with the load, the work unit to death after stop pressure will drop to zero, so take this zero a command signal.

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