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Pressure switch using skills

Author : Xiong Date : 8/31/2013 11:55:32 AM
Pressure switch using skills

The pressure switch can sense the pressure of the system and signal switch. Pressure to the normally open contact closure, open the normally closed contact. We can use on the program. But in actual use, we will encounter some problems.
First is to choose the quality of the products have problems, mainly reflected in the following respects
1, the action is not sensitive, pressure reach but no signal output. This is made on the problems, servopiston and u - seal is too tight, the factory did not test.
2, also does not have pressure to send message. Assembly problem. The inside of the pressure relay micro switch is not installed.
3, the product is not durable, few under pressure relay out of action. Vendors have no conscience, with the micro switch is very poor.
4, the spill. If it weren't for sealing ring not chosen is the processing error.
Listed above are the problems of supplier, time that the user has a problem, also can make pressure switch doesn't work.
Low-level error:
1, there is no output signal: the pressure holes was blocked by raw materials, the assembly workers are not careful.
2, pressure is not allowed: phenomenon of pressure gauge is not to gauge indicates the pressure relay transmission. In fact, the pressure relay movement speed will be faster than pressure gauge, especially than oil filled type seismic pressure gauge. So may pressure gauge has run to 10 m, the pressure relay is 20 m.
Senior error:
1, the pressure relay action insensitive, bad adjustment: pressure range is not right. Because the spring is not linear, so the pressure relay is generally got the pressure rating. Best to choose the appropriate pressure rating. For example: in 35 KGF/cm), should use pressure switch JCS-02NL, pressure ranges from 5 to 70 KGF/cm. If use the pressure switch JCS-02N, will feel that it doesn't work out.
2, pressure drop down, no pulling the normally closed contact of relays. This is because the pressure relay a bad back problems, the relationship with the manufacturer's technology level. At the same time also has a lot to do and the structure of the pressure relay. Now ZF HYDRAULIC JCS - 02 this structure back to the poor basic keep in the 15 KGF/cm, relatively stable. Other imitation is hard to say. At the same time, because not too reasonable, JCS - 02 institutions determine the performance of it is unlikely to be too great. 

The above: Pressure switch JCS-02N