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Pressure switches use main point

Author : Xiong Date : 10/6/2012 8:08:40 PM
Pressure switches use main point

Pressure switch
can sense system pressure, and a switching signal. Pressure arrived, normally open contact closure, the normally closed contact open. We can use the program on. But in actual use, we will encounter some problems.
The first is choice of product quality has a problem, mainly reflected in the following respects
1, action not sensitive, the pressure to haven't signal output. This is a manufacturing has a problem, servo piston and u - seal is too tight, the factory factory without test.
2, haven't to pressure can send dispatch. The problem of assembly. Pressure switch the inside of the micro switch is not installed properly.
3, products not durable, not a few times pressure switch will not move. Manufacturers no conscience, with a very poor micro switch.
4, oil leakage. If it weren't for seal did not choose good is processing super sent.
Listed above are all is the supplier of problem, the user has a problem, also can make pressure switch doesn't work.
Low-level error:
1, no output signal: pressure holes with raw materials was blocked, assembly workers accidentally.
2, pressure no: phenomenon is pressure gauge is not yet pressure gauge indicated pressure, relay can send the dispatch. In fact, the pressure switch movement speed will be faster than the pressure gauge, especially than oil filled type shock pressure gauge. So may pressure gauge ran to 10 m, the pressure relay is 20 m la.
Senior error:
1, pressure switch action not sensitive, bad adjustment: pressure limits does not have to choose. Because spring is not linear, so the pressure relay is generally divided the pressure level. Had better choose appropriate pressure rating. For example: in 35 KGF/cm when hair message, should use JCS - 02 - NL, pressure range from 5 ~ 70 KGF/cm. If using JCS - 02 n, will feel bad used.
2, pressure drop down, relay the normally closed contact not to suck together. This is because the pressure switch there is a return difference problem, this and the manufacturer's technological level have relations. At the same time and pressure relay structure have very big concern. Currently Taiwan JCS - 02 this kind of structure of the return difference basic keep in 15 KGF/cm, relatively stable. The other imitation compares it's hard to say. At the same time, because JCS - 02 institutions is not too reasonable, so I decided to its performance can't be too excellence. Now new PS series, is according to the German patent structure, action sensitivity and stability all have a qualitative leap. Especially in low pressure section, namely the 0 ~ 50 KGF/cm range. Kilt advantage obviously.

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