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Tank oil suction filter introduction

Author : Zhang Date : 2/3/2013 8:03:29 PM
Tank oil suction filter introduction

In the system of the return line road, its function is to make the pollutants produced or intruded in the system be caught before in the return tank. So it's control system pollution concentration is the most effective and the most important filter. Even though it was a low pressure pipeline, but according to drive operation condition, also can appear pulsating or pressure impact, so the element material, strength should be fully considered.

Oil suction filter mainly installed in hydraulic system return line road, all kinds of hydraulic components in the work process produced in grinding grain, etc. Various kinds of dirt may through the Settings return line oil filter and a blocked, avoid returning to the oil tank, was again sucked by hydraulic pump . Return line oil filter permission pressure difference, according to the different pressure levels, in the range of 0.3 ~ 0.5 MPa. Accuracy according to oil pollution load requirements is specific and affirmatory.

Oil suction filter Settings to consider more factors,  one of the important factor is the hydraulic impact, especially upstream have hydraulic cylinder and proportional valve, under high pressure hydraulic cylinder of reversing and proportional valve sudden power down, will have a great impact on the instant flow, the oil filter cartridge can cause a lot of damage in the design, selection of return line oil filter to have a good understanding of the structure, to strengthen.

The above: Heat gear pump casing wear