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The application of Gear pump in plastic rubber production

Author : Zhang Date : 1/20/2013 2:26:04 AM
The application of Gear pump in plastic rubber production

Begin from 1978, gear pump is applied to the thermoplastic plastic extrusion line, one of the most typical several application is plastic production, plastic material, casting film or blown film. Today, the gear pump in the practical production process has become an indispensable equipment that instrument manufacturers usually put the gear pump and single screw extrusion equipment packing to sell. Gear pump can be widely used for many reasons, including: to improve throughput; Better quality. Higher yield; Effective save raw materials and reduce the energy consumption and make investment payback period reduced to 6 months.

When the gear pump is used in rubber product mix and extrusion processing, these advantages natural was into the industry. This paper mainly discusses the gear pump used in rubber extrusion of basic knowledge and thus bring advantages and challenges. Discuss mainly concentrated in the rubber market of two areas: namely profile extrusion and custom blend/composite. In the profile extrusion field, we quoted a real example, namely a terminal user use gear pump has been improved after a series of production line for the good.

The above:  Improve the theory of gear pump flow method and disadvantages