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The common faults of hydraulic components

Author : Xiong Date : 9/28/2012 3:01:47 AM
The common faults of hydraulic components

1. Line noise
Line die bending too much or fixed clamp loose can also produce vibration and noise. Therefore, in the piping layout should avoid die bending, the loose clamp shall timely tightening.
(1) suction empty phenomenon caused by hydraulic pump is one of the main causes of high noise. When oil mix air, easy in its high formation of cavitation, and in the form of pressure wave propagation, cause oil oscillation, cause the system produce cavitation noise.

2. The noise of hydraulic cylinder
(1) in the oil mixed with air or hydraulic cylinder air not completely exhaust do, in under the action of high pressure generated cavitation and cause bigger noise. At this time, all shall be promptly exhaust air.
(2) the cylinder head seal too close or piston rod bending, in athletic process will also for don't the strength and produce noise. At this time, must change oil seal in time or alignment piston rod.

3. The noise of the relief valve
Overflow valve easy to produce high frequency noise, mainly is the pilot valve performance caused by unstable, namely for the pilot valve front cavity pressure high-frequency oscillation caused by air vibration and noise generated. The main reasons are:
(1) oil mix air, in the pilot valve cavity before the formation of cavitation and cause high frequency noise. At this time, should be timely exhaust all air and prevent outside air to enter.
(2) needle valve in use process for frequent open and excessive wear, make the needle valve cone and the valve seat can't closed, causing the pilot flow instability, pressure fluctuations caused by noise, at this time, should timely repair or replace.
(3) pilot valve for spring fatigue deformation cause its regulating function is not stable, makes the pressure fluctuation and causes big noise, at this time, should replace spring.

4. Plunger pump or motor noise
(1) the hydraulic pump oil filter, oil inlet jam or oil viscosity is too high, all can cause pump inlet place high vacuum degree, make air infiltration.
(2) the hydraulic pump, pilot pump shaft end seal damage, or into the tubing seal bad, cause air into the o
(3) fuel tank oil level is too low, make hydraulic pump oil inlet direct suction empty.
When the pump work to appear higher noise, should first of all on the above site inspection, found that the problem timely treatment.
(2) the hydraulic pump internal element excessive wear, such as plunger pump cylinder body and plate valve, plunger and plunger hole and cooperate with pieces of wear, strain, make the hydraulic pump internal leakage serious, when hydraulic pump output high pressure, small flow oil will produce pulsation of the flow rate, causing higher noise. At this time can be appropriately increase the pilot system variable mechanism of Angle, in order to improve the internal leakage of pump output flow influence. Hydraulic servo valve core, control flow of the piston will also due to local wear, strain, make the piston in the mobile process pulsating, cause hydraulic pump output flow rate and pressure fluctuation, thus on pump discharge generate large vibration and noise. At this time to wear, pull a serious element for brush plating bedding-in or replacement treatment.
(3) hydraulic pump thrust plate is also easy to cause the important element of the noise. Thrust plate in use for surface wear or sludge deposit in the unloading trough open place, can make unloading trough shorten and change the unloading position, produce trapped oil phenomenon, then cause higher noise. In normal repair process, the flat grinding repair thrust plate also can appear unloading trough shorten consequences, right now, if not timely the slender appropriate, will also produce large noise. In the assembly process, thrust plate big unloading tank must be installed in the pump high pressure cavity, and the Angle of the rotating direction and the cylinder to should be relative, otherwise will give system bring bigger noise.

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