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The five common faults of gear pump and the method of resolution

Author : Xiong Date : 11/28/2017 5:26:33 PM
The five common faults of gear pump and the method of resolution
Failure gear pump works which are mainly small flow rate, oil absorption, noise big, oil leakage, overheat, is abnormal oil pump or killed phenomenon, such as insufficient pressure, now the fault causes and solutions are introduced as follows.
One. The gear pump does not absorb oil or the flow of small production reasons:
(1) the suction position is too high or the oil level is insufficient.
(2) excessive oil temperature.
(3) the gear pump is not tightly sealed.
(4) the radial clearance between the top circle of the gear pump and the hole in the pump is too large, and the side of the gear is too large with the front and back cover.
(5) the filter is blocked.
(1) fill the oil tank with oil and lower the oil suction position.
(2) add a cooler or use air cooling in the tank.
(3) replace the sealing element and tighten the connector.
(4) replace the pump body.
(5) clean or replace the filter element of the filter.
Two. Causes of excessive vibration noise:
(1) the diameter of the inlet of the gear pump is too small.
(2) gear error or two gear axis are not parallel.
(3) the pump body and the cover are not covered with paper cushion to produce the hard impact, the pump body and pump cover are not vertical sealing, the rotation of air intake.
(4) the filter is blocked, or the speed is too high.
(5) the motor is different from the pump shaft.
(1) replace the larger diameter inlet pipe.
(2) replace the main precision gear to ensure that the two gear axes are parallel.
(3) add paper pad between pump body and pump cover, and the parallel degree of grinding pump and pump cover is no more than 0. 005 mm.
(4) clean the filter or reduce speed.
(5) adjust the coaxial degree of the pump body and motor with the error not exceeding 0. 01 mm.
Three. Oil leakage causes:
(1) pump cover and sealing ring to cooperate with loose.
(2) the oil seal frame spring is off.
(3) the sealing surface of the shaft was scratched.
(1) adjust the gap between pump cover and sealing ring.
(2) replacement of seals.
(3) resurface the sealing surface.
Four. Abnormal operation of gear pump or the cause of death:
(1) there is impurity in the pump.
(2) the pressure valve fails.
(3) the flat plate and shaft are not equal.
(4) the axial clearance and radial clearance of pump body are too small.
(5) the needle rotation is not flexible.
(6) the pump is not equal to the motor coupling.
(1) use fine silk screen to filter oil and oil.
(2) replace the spring and clear the valve body small hole dirt or slide valve.
(3) replace the cover plate to make it concentric with the axis.
(4) adjust axial or radial clearance.
(5) replace the needle bearing with movable needle.
(6) adjust pump shaft and motor coupling to make it not exceed 0. 01 mm.
Five. Causes of insufficient pressure:
(1) there is a crack in the tooth, or there is a leakage phenomenon.
(2) oil viscosity is too high or oil temperature is too high.
(3) motor power and gear pump do not match.
(4) the radial clearance and axial clearance of the gear pump are too large, and the influence of the end surface clearance is greater.
(5) the filter is blocked.
(6) the pressure adjustment of the overflow valve is too low or malfunction.
(1) if the leakage is added between the pump body and the pump cover, tighten the connecting piece. If the pump body has a crack, the pump body should be replaced.
(2) no. 20 is suitable for temperature work of 10 degrees to 50 degrees. For example, the cooling device should be installed if the temperature is too high.
(3) select the matching motor.
(4) replace the pump body.
(5) clean the filter.
(6) re-adjust the pressure or replace the overflow valve.

The above:Reason analysis and solution of noise of gear oil pump