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The performance of the air cooler

Author : Zhang Date : 4/29/2013 12:45:26 AM
The performance of the air cooler

Air cooler, air cooled heat exchanger) is the use of air cooling heat transfer fluid in the heat exchanger. It with cooling water or condensed water as cold source, the cooling process of high temperature and high wet gas, can be condensed to below the dew point, the precipitation of condensate and cooling down the wet effect. Air cooler can be used for cooling the nitrogen in chemical fiber industry, also called nitrogen gas cooler.
The function of the air cooler is to put the motor heat dissipation (hot air) sent to the cooler, through the hot air cooler for cooling, cooler internal lined with aluminum alloy seamless pipe, tube outside of the wind cooling, after cooling of the air by the fan into the motor, make the cold and hot air circulation exchange. It has the following advantages:
1, using air cooling temperature, save precious water resources;
2, air can be achieved, location is not restricted;
3, small air corrosion, equipment long service life.

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