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The pressure relay customization scheme

Author : Xiong Date : 12/1/2017 12:13:45 PM
The pressure relay customization scheme
User's demand increases unceasingly, the manufacturer also support customized solutions, many users think the custom is completely can according to their own meaning to Ann do pressure relay, the custom is also have some limitations. For example, the materials you can provide, power, pressure, or surface color can be customized.
1. Avoid all pressure relays using consistency
This looks can bring unity to the manufacturer, will also be convenient to use a lot of, but a manufacturer's factories are the same, this work will be very bad, if some user requirements is not the same as the products parameters? It's not good to do that, so plan ahead and customize some other specifications of stress relays.
2. Lack of communication with factory engineers
Many users to customise products may not familiar with, when decided to customize and manufacturers have to show your own needs, like machine USES, or is used in what equipment, strict specifications we can custom!
3. The manufacturer's equipment has not yet been officially operated.
In general, our proposal is first after the manufacturer of equipment operating in the custom of other products, like to learn more about what pressure relay machinery is needed, such as stress is large or small, so in order to the normal operation in the future, the best in the workshop in place in order.
Of course, not all users need to be customized. Most of the manufacturer's requirements are already satisfied, but they are only customized for some special users with special purpose.
Build on the performance of the pressure relay, size, oil mouth, has involved, and have to be very accurate, so in choosing a customized, must choose an experienced, strong manufacturer.

The above:The selection principle and basis of gear pump