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The selection of oil filter method and its installation operation

Author : Date : 1/9/2013 10:21:59 PM
 The selection of oil filter method and its installation operation

1. The oil filter is introduced
Filter according to the filter precision (filter to impurities particle size) is different, have coarse filter, the common filter, precision filter and special fine filter four, they are can filter to more than 100 μ m, 10 ~ 100 μ m, 5 ~ 10 μ m and 1 ~ 5 μ m size of the impurity.
2. Choose oil filter, need to consider the following points:
(1) filtering accuracy should meet predetermined requirement.
(2) can be in a long period, keep enough flow ability.
(3) filter heart have the enough strength, not by the hydraulic role and damage.
(4) filter heart corrosion resistant performance is good, can in the specified temperature lasting work.
(5) filter heart clean or replace is simple.
3. Installation filter in the hydraulic system of the installation position usually have the following kinds:
(1) will be placed in pump oil suction place:
Pump oil absorption on general  equipped with surface type filter, the purpose is to filter to bigger impurity particles in order to protect the hydraulic pump, in addition filter filtration capacity should be pump flow more than twice as much as the pressure loss, less than 0.02 MPa.
(2) installed in the pump export oil:
The purpose of this installation filter is used to filter may break into a valve such as element of pollutants. The filter accuracy should be 10 ~ 15 μ m, and can withstand the pressure of work and the oil shock pressure, pressure drop should be less than 0.35 MPa. The relief valve should be installed at the same time in case of filter plugging.
(3) installed in the system back to the oil circuit: the installation of the indirect filtration. General and filter and even installed a back pressure valve, when the filter plugging reaches a certain pressure value, back pressure valve is opened.
(4) installed in the system on the branch circuit.
(5) separate filtering system: large hydraulic system can be set up specially a hydraulic pump and oil filter composition independent filter circuit.
The hydraulic system in addition to the whole system the filter outside, often in some important components (such as servo valve, precision throttle valve, etc.) alone in front of the installation of a special fine filter to ensure their normal work.
4. The filter technology:
(1). Filter material by patent fiber and resin made by special technology. Have a fixed space structure, filter material without shedding. A blocked pollution particles won't because of differential pressure and flow pulsation and produce "discharge" phenomenon.
(2). The from surface to inside, along the flow direction diminishing gradient aperture structure. Layered intercept different size particles of pollution. Realize deep nano scale. Thus greatly improving the service life.
(3). The screw around with strengthening support, guarantee the stable filter material.

The above: The working principle of the hydraulic oil cylinder