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The ways of gear pump designed well

Author : Xiong Date : 11/29/2017 12:59:41 PM
The ways of gear pump designed well
Gear oil pump must carry on the good way of design, the use of advanced production and processing technology, allows it to full play in the use of the good performance advantages, play a good contribution.
The correct design of the gear pump should be that the internal leakage volume is 1 ~ 3% of the flow.
The production and processing of gear oil pump are very important in the selection of high temperature industrial pump. Gear pumps are commonly used to deliver highly corrosive, abrasive or transsexual fluids. Pump shell, shaft and bearing material shall first match with the pump. When considering high temperature, the design of gear oil pump becomes more complicated, and it is necessary to consider the thermal expansibility of various materials. Gear pumps need to consider different quality factors in their use, and play an important role in the industry.
The preheating of the gear pump is necessary. It can avoid the high temperature impact and damage the parts. When the pumping fluid recommended preheating temperature higher than 150 ℃. When using mechanical seal, gear oil pump should be informed within 30 ℃ preheat to operating temperature difference, in order to prevent the sealing surface damage. The clamping pump can be heated by steam, heat medium and electric heating. Viscosity is the resistance of fluid flow. The first problem of high viscosity condition is how to get the fluid into the pump. The gear oil pump must be turned slowly so that the fluid enters the hole between the unmeshed teeth, which form suction fluid suction pump. The tighter the clearance, the better the internal sealing of the gear pump, the stronger the suction.
Once the fluid enters the pump, the internal clearance needs to be properly defined according to the viscosity. The small clearance limits the flow of fluid in the path, causing the bearing to be unlubricated and overheat. The gap is too large, the liquid film strength decreases and cannot support and lubricate the gear shaft, causing the axial neck and bearing contact directly, leading to the premature failure.
Another important factor in handling high viscosity fluids is the high torque of the driving gear, which must be strong enough to deliver high torque to the driving machine. The tooth shape design is very important, too big the transmission efficiency is not enough, too small can not bear the high torque. Load on the gear shaft torque and shearing force on the tooth will increase with the increase of viscosity and pressure difference, when these factors coupled with high temperature, the design of the gear shaft and tooth extremely important, because the metal parts with the elastic coefficient of temperature drop.

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