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The working principle of regulating valve

Author : Date : 1/16/2013 12:10:25 AM
The working principle of regulating valve

Regulating valve is used to regulate medium flow, pressure and liquid level. According to the control position signal, automatic control valve opening, achieve medium flow rate, pressure and liquid level of the regulation. Valve points electric control valve, pneumatic control valve and hydraulic control valve, etc.

By regulating valve electric actuator or pneumatic actuators and regulator of two parts. Control valve is usually divided into through single block valve and through two-seater type valve two kinds, the latter has the flow capacity big, unbalanced do small and stable operation characteristics, so usually very suitable to the large flow rate, pressure drop and leakage less occasion.

All over the customer all the world can buy ZF Hydraulic & Pneumatic Parts Co., Ltd's regulating valve, we through the 24 hours after sale service and technical support, if necessary, may at any time call our customer service hotline:  +86-0769-33275302, can also contact customer service representative or engineer, welcome to visit the company's web site: http://www.zfhydraulic.com/

Flow capacity Cv is to choose one of the main parameters of control valve, regulating valve's  flow capacity defined as: when the valve is wide open, the valve ends differential pressure is 0.1 MPa, fluid density is 1 g/cm3, each hour flow diameter valve flow number, called flow capacity, also called flow coefficient to Cv said, the unit is t/h, liquid Cv value press type calculation.

According to the flow capacity Cv value size look-up table, can determine the nominal size of the regulating valve DN.