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The working principle of solenoid valve

Author : Zhang Date : 1/5/2013 12:58:39 AM
The working principle of solenoid valve

Solenoid valve
is used to control the flow of automation basic element, belongs to the actuator, Not limited to hydraulic, pneumatic. Solenoid valve used to control the direction of hydraulic flow, the factory machinery is general by hydraulic steel control, so will use the solenoid valve.

The working principle of solenoid valve, solenoid valve has closed cavity, in different position opened a through hole, each hole all leads to different tubing, cavity intermediate is valve, both sides are two pieces of electromagnet, which face the magnet coil electricity will be attracted to the body which side, by controlling the movement of the body to live or file a different discharge of oil leakage of the hole, and the oil hole is always open, hydraulic fluid will enter the different oil drain, and then through the oil pressure to push oil just the pistons, piston and piston rod driven, piston driven mechanical devices moving pole. So through the control electromagnet current controls the mechanical movement.

ZF Hydraulic & Pneumatic parts Co., Ltd supply kinds of solenoid valve, such as Yuken type DSG directional solenoid valve, Rexroth type directional solenoid valve and etc.

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