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The working principle of the hydraulic oil cylinder

Author : 彰生 Date : 1/6/2013 7:24:41 PM
The working principle of the hydraulic oil cylinder

1,  the pneumatic systems use pressure generally in 0.2-1.0 Mpa range, so the hydraulic oil cylinder can't do high-power power element. Hydraulic oil cylinder can do bigger power components, the use of hydraulic system; From the medium speak air can be unlimited, no cost and supply difficulties, the gas directly into the atmosphere, processing convenience, not pollution. Hydraulic oil, by contrast,

2, air viscosity is small, the resistance is less than the hydraulic oil; 

4, but the air compression rate far outweigh the hydraulic oil, so it's the job of the stability and response aspects has sent far away. A complete hydraulic system is composed of five parts, namely power element, actuators, control components, no parts and hydraulic oil. Power element is the role of the prime mover mechanical energy into liquid pressure power, refers to the hydraulic system of oil pump, it to the whole hydraulic system to provide power.
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