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Understand gear pump hydraulic drive system development direction

Author : Xiong Date : 11/17/2012 4:55:35 PM
Understand  gear pump hydraulic drive system development direction

ZF Hydraulic & Pneumatic parts Co.,Ltd  gear pump hydraulic drive system is marching toward fast response, small volume, low noise direction. In order to adapt the request, gear pump in addition to actively take measures to maintain its in low pressure quantitative system, lubrication system dominance of the outside, still need to be the following direction:
(1) large displacement; For some requirements for rapid movement system, large displacement is necessary. But ordinary gear pump displacement increase by a lot of factors limit. This on the one hand, the balanced compound gear pump has significant advantages, such as 1 three idler wheel compound gear pump capacity equivalent to 6 table with external dimensions single pump displacement.
(2) the low flow pulsation: pump hydraulic drive system flow pulsation will cause the pressure pulsation, leading to the system to produce vibration and noise, this is and modern hydraulic system requirements of the discrepancy. Reduce the pulsation of the flow rate method, in addition to the introduction of measures in front of the sichuan mining compound gear pump is a kind of trend.
(3) variable displacement; Pump emissions do not adjust and limits its use with fan. In order to change gear pump emissions, domestic and foreign scholars have done a lot of research work, and has obtained a lot of research results. The gear pump variable displacement patents have had many, but the real can translate into product less. Balanced compound gear pump can adjust the internal gear speed meter change pump capacity, but the specific methods and structure remains to be further research.
(4) high pressure change: pump hydraulic drive system is the system pressure change required, is also pump and plunger pump, vane pump competition must solve the problem. Pump of high pressure change work has made great progress, but by its own structure restriction, to further improve the working pressure is very difficult, must be developed a new structure of the gear pump. In this respect, by multiple gear of compound gear pump will have a great advantage, the domestic existing many researchers studied, and have achieved remarkable results.
(5) the low noise; Foreign already has a "quiet" hydraulic pump say. With the strengthening of environmental protection consciousness, the noise of gear pump is more and more strict demands. The noise of gear pump is mainly composed of two parts, part gear meshing process produced by the mechanical noise, and the other part is trapped oil shock produced by the hydraulic noise. The former and gear processing and installation accuracy related, the latter mainly depends on pump unloading is thoroughly. For external gear pump, to realize complete unloading is very difficult, therefore further reduce the noise of the pump certain limits. In this respect, internal gear pump for has the stable running, no trapped oil phenomenon, low noise characteristics are generally pay attention to, especially linear conjugate tooth profile of the internal gear pump because it has smooth operation, low noise and extremely popular, is becoming the focus of the research.

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