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Use and maintenance of Hydraulic accumulator

Author : Xiong Date : 2023/6/17 21:20:34
Use and maintenance of Hydraulic accumulator

The Hydraulic accumulator will also fail after long-term use. The use and maintenance of the Hydraulic accumulator mainly includes the installation and maintenance of the accumulator, fault diagnosis and troubleshooting and repair. The installation of the accumulator includes pre installation inspection, installation, nitrogen charging, etc. Correct installation, fixation, and inflation are important conditions for the normal operation and proper functioning of an accumulator. The measurement of parameters and the correct use of various tools and instruments cannot be ignored.
During the use of the Hydraulic accumulator, attention shall be paid to prevent leakage, and the air tightness and other aspects of the air bag shall be checked at regular intervals. Therefore, daily inspection and maintenance are essential. Daily inspection refers to the use of simple methods such as visual, auditory, hand touch, and instrument to inspect the appearance and condition. During inspection, attention should be paid to both the local area and the overall equipment. Emergency measures should be taken for any abnormal situations found during the inspection that hinder the continued operation of the accumulator; Other issues should be carefully observed and recorded, and resolved during regular maintenance. Some damaged components also need to be replaced in a timely manner. Active maintenance is a new equipment management theory proposed internationally, following fault maintenance, preventive maintenance, and condition based maintenance. Its definition is to repair the root cause parameters of equipment damage, effectively preventing failure and extending the service life of the equipment. Active maintenance is a measure taken to address the root cause of equipment wear and tear, effectively controlling the occurrence of wear and failure, thereby significantly extending the repair cycle. Active maintenance not only provides guarantee for the manufacturing and operation of hydraulic equipment and components, but also significantly reduces maintenance costs. Our company produces various Hydraulic accumulator to meet the needs of users all over the world.

The above: Fault Diagnosis and Troubleshooting of Hydraulic accumulator