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VP Variable displacement vane pumps Instructions for use

Author : Xiong Date : 9/12/2012 6:02:55 AM
VP Variable displacement vane pumps Instructions for use
Rotation direction: clockwise direction (from the shaft end see) for standard substance, only the steering. The direction of rotation is recognized by the instant starting motor to check.
Hydraulic oil: 7.0 MPA the following, the use of 40 ℃ viscosity when 20 to 50 CST (ISOVG32) of hydraulic oil.
Drain oil pressure: drain pipe must be directly put into the fuel tank of oil surface, and distribution pipe produced by the back pressure, please keep  under 0.3 bar.
Work oil temperature: continuous operation of the temperature for 15-60 ℃.
Axis cooperates: pump shaft and motor of the eccentric error is 0.05 mm, Angle error is 1°.
Oil suction pressure: oil suction pressure for 0.3 bar to 0.3 bar.
Displacement adjustment: adjusting the displacement, to relax regulation nut, and then rotating adjusting bolt, turn right to reduce displacement, and left increased, adjust the finished, please tighten nut.
Pressure setting: turn left (counterclockwise) pressure adjusting bolt, make the output pressure be reduced, turn right (clockwise) is raised, adjust the finished, please tighten nut.
New machine operation: New machine start without pressure condition repeated starting motor, to eliminate pump in oil suction pipe and the air, to ensure that the air in the system out, can be in no load condition, continuous operation for 10 minutes.

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