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What are the classifications of energy accumulators?

Author : Xiong Date : 2023/6/8 16:39:16
What are the classifications of energy accumulators ?

Accumulators can be divided into three categories: gas loaded, gravity loaded, and spring loaded.
1. Spring loaded accumulator
Spring loaded accumulators use the compressed energy of springs to store energy. They have a simple structure and are more sensitive to reactions than gravity type accumulators, but their volume is small, and are generally used in small capacity, low-pressure systems.
2. Gravity loaded accumulator
Gravity loaded accumulators use the potential energy of heavy objects to store energy, and are the oldest type of energy storage. It can provide a large capacity, constant pressure liquid, but its size is large and its reaction is slow. This type of accumulator is only used for fixed heavy-duty hydraulic equipment.
3. Gas loaded accumulator
Gravity and spring type accumulators have limitations in their application, and these two types of accumulators are rarely used, with gas loaded accumulators being widely used.

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