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What is the application scope of synchronous shunt motor?

Author : Hao Date : 3/1/2020 10:16:01 PM
What is the application scope of synchronous shunt motor?

Synchronous shunt motor you should have a lot of little also have a certain understanding, so are the application in which three aspects, the following, we understand it.
1. As a flow distribution device, distribute the output flow of the pump as required by the system
Shafts with multiple sets of plain bearings are required to ensure that the same amount or proportionate oil is supplied to each bearing. The synchronous shunt motor does not have any external leakage. If one part of the rotor is rotating, the other part will also pass through the same or proportional flow.
2. Operate multiple cylinders or motors simultaneously as flow balancing devices
If several motor live hydraulic cylinders work in parallel, supplied by the same oil source, and there is no control in any way on each branch, then the one with the minimum load starts the work cycle first, after its journey is completed, the second small load starts working, and so on.
However, this mode of operation is usually not the required mode, so the total pump flow needs to be divided into a series of partial flow, so that several motors or hydraulic cylinders working in parallel open at the same time, at the same time to the designated position, synchronous shunt motor plays an important role.
3. As a supercharging device, the pressure at one outlet of the diverter exceeds the output pressure of the pump
The synchronous shunt motor, in addition to being a "synchronous element", can also be used as a "supercharger", so that the pressure of a motor outlet exceeds the output pressure of the hydraulic pump.

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