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What matters needing attention when parker piston pump chooses hydraulic fluid?

Author : Date : 4/7/2020 9:47:43 PM
What matters needing attention when parker piston pump chooses hydraulic fluid?

1, Parker piston pump in order to choose the correct hydraulic oil, must know the oil working temperature in the tank (open loop) and the temperature of the environment.
2. Hydraulic oil must be selected to ensure that the working viscosity of the oil within the operating temperature range is in the best range. It is recommended to use the highest viscosity level possible in each case.
3. Example: at the ambient temperature of X degrees, the working oil temperature is 60 degrees. VG46 or VG68 degrees should be chosen within the best operating viscosity range.
4. Note: the temperature of oil leakage (shell oil drainage) is affected by the pressure and rotation speed of the pump and is always higher than the oil temperature of the mailbox. However, the maximum temperature anywhere in the system must not exceed 90 degrees.
5. If the above conditions cannot be met due to extreme working conditions or excessive ambient temperature, please consult us!
6. Oil filtration: the more fine the oil filtration, the higher the cleanliness of the liquid, the longer the service life of the axial piston pump.

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