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Working principle of pump truck accumulator

Author : Xiong Date : 2023/6/3 12:12:57
Working principle of pump truck accumulator

An accumulator, as the name suggests, is a device or device that stores energy. It is generally used in hydraulic and pneumatic circuits to store hydraulic energy or kinetic energy. At the same time, during its operation, the stored hydraulic energy is instantly released, allowing certain executing components to instantly obtain greater pressure or flow, causing them to produce a certain action.
On the pump truck, the accumulator is used to control the swing of the S pipe. At the moment of reversing the concrete cylinder piston, the swing cylinder obtains hydraulic energy released from the accumulator, allowing the S pipe to instantly connect with another section of the concrete cylinder, thereby achieving continuous pumping.
The above diagram is the hydraulic schematic diagram of the pump truck swing cylinder. When the electromagnetic directional valve is in the middle position, the pressure oil generated by the oil pump is supplied to the accumulator. The longer the time, the greater the pressure oil pressure of the accumulator. Pressure regulation is achieved through the hydraulic control sequence valve.
At one end of the electromagnetic directional valve, the electromagnetic coil is energized to generate magnetic force, pushing the valve core to move, thus achieving oil circuit reversal. The pressure oil is connected to the swing cylinder, and whether the oil enters from the rod free or rod free chamber of the swing cylinder, the piston will be instantly pushed, allowing the movement of the S pipe to be completed in an instant. After the swing cylinder action is completed, the electromagnetic coil loses power and the oil circuit is cut off. The oil pump continues to supply oil to the accumulator, preparing for the next swing.

The above:   What are the uses of hydraulic accumulators?