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How to do daily maintenance for heat gear pump

Author : Xiong Date : 10/17/2012 6:26:15 AM
How to do daily maintenance for heat gear pump

High temperature gear pump daily maintenance

(l) Gear pump disintegration and cleaning, rise, cooling, start-stop should be strictly in accordance with the regulations operation, in order to avoid undue loss.
(2) should pay attention to keep the stability of the population pressure booster pump, which has the stable volume efficiency, in order to be helpful for pump itself operation and lower spinning quality stability.
(3) population for negative pressure of packing shaft seal pump, should maintain stuffing box place pressure is higher than the outside atmosphere. Back pressure to reduce, should adjust gland pressure, or you will make pump suction air, causing casting ribbon broken belt, influence diced, causing pelletizer discharge.
(4) often should check the heat medium jacket temperature, main body and front and back cover of heat medium temperature to keep consistent.
(5) every time when the increase in production, to the production, speed, out, inlet pressure, current value recorded, and compared before and after data, careful analysis, in order to find the early anomaly, timely treatment.

The above: The difference of pressure transducer, pressure relay and pressure switch