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The difference of pressure transducer, pressure relay and pressure switch

Author : Xiong Date : 10/17/2012 5:51:38 AM
The difference of pressure transducer, pressure relay and pressure switch 

Pressure transducer is by pressure sensitive element and switching circuit composition, using the measured medium pressure acting on pressure sensitive element produce a tiny changes current or voltage output. Sensor often require with external amplifying circuit used together to finish from pressure testing to control, display and process. Because the pressure sensor is a component, pressure sensor feedback signal should be through the measurement and control system for processing, analysis, storage and control, let the industrial automation equipment and engineering operation control, more intelligent.

Pressure relay is the use of liquid pressure to open/close electrical contact of liquid electric switch signal conversion element. Used when the system pressure to relay set pressure, send signals to control the action of electrical components, to realize the pump loading or unloading, control, the implementation of the components of sequential action, the system of security protection and interlocking, etc. It consists of pressure - displacement conversion components and micro switch of two parts. According to the pressure and displacement conversion component structure type of it, there are plunger type, spring type, diaphragm and bellows type four types. The plunger structure points have single plunger type and dual plunger type two kinds. And single plunger type and can be divided into plunger, differential plunger and plunger - lever three type. According to the contact to points have single contact and double electric shock, etc.

Pressure switch is according to the set pressure size, at the set value, the function of automatic on or off switch.

Pressure switch, pressure relay, only after you have given pressure, open or closed switch, used to carry out simple bit type control, all is the switch output! Pressure relay than pressure switch can provide more output node or node type. Pressure sensor output can be analog signals, also can be digital signal, then level processing is convenient, also can become standard transducer signal for remote transmission.

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