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Products > Oil cooler > > Hydraulic oil air coolers AH0610T
Product name : Hydraulic oil air coolers AH0610T
Item : 028
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Hydraulic oil air coolers AH0610T



Model No Threaded Flow l/min Pressure Mpa Fan power W Applicabel Motor power Heat transhrea ㎡
AH0608T-CA PT 3/4" 60 2.5 38 0.75-2.2kw(1-3Hp) 0.9
AH0608TL-CA PT 3/4" 60 2.5 76 1.5-3.0kw(2-4Hp) 1.5
AH0610T G1/2" 50 2.5 38W 0.75-2.2kw(1-3Hp) 1.3
HD0810T PT 3/4" 60 2.5 65 3.0kw(4Hp) 1.3
AH1012T G 1" 100 2.5 80 5-7.5kw(7.5-10Hp) 3.2
AH1417T G 1" 120 2.5 100 7.5kw(10Hp) 4.5
AH1418T G 1" 150 2.5 240 7.5kw(10Hp) 5.8
HD1490T1 G1 1/4" 200 2.5 150 11-15kw(15-20Hp) 9.3
AH1680T G1 1/2" 250 2.5 110 18kw(25Hp) 11.3
HD1492T G1/2" 250 2.5 240 18kw(25Hp) 11
HD1618T PT 1" 150 2.5 240 11kw(15Hp) 8.9
HD1690T G1 1/2" 250 2.5 200 22kw(30Hp) 14
HD1861T G1 1/2" 300 2.5 480 30-37kw(40-50Hp) 16.5
HD2095T G1 1/2" 350 2.5 500 37kw(50Hp) 19
AH2390T G1 1/2" 450 2.5 640 50kw(68Hp) 28
Models: air cooler AH0608T-CA, hydraulic air cooler AH0608TL-CA, oil air cooler AH0610T, hydraulic oil air cooler AH0810T, 
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air cooler AH2390T

The factory sells directly, saves intermediate all links, lets the profit give you directly!
1. Improve heat transfer effect and reduce pressure loss.
2. High quality copper tube is used for heat exchange with large heat exchange area and small product volume.

3, The use of advanced expansion process, stable and reliable quality and convenient maintenance.
4, Suitable for all kinds of hydraulic transmission machinery.
5. Complete product series and complete specifications.

This type hydraulic oil air cooler other features:
A. This product is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with JB/7261 standard and this drawing.
B. Vacuum brazing is adopted for core; Other parts shall be welded by argon arc welding, and the welding seam shall be free from stomatal defects, and the appearance of the welding seam shall be straight and smooth.

C. Spray silver gray on the appearance of heat dissipation fins, with beautiful appearance; Do not have sundries inside, remove water and dry treatment.
D. The working pressure of the heat exchanger is designed to be 1.0mp, and the water pressure test pressure of the inner channel is 3.0mp, and the holding pressure is 20 minutes. Air tightness test pressure 1.6mp, test for 15 minutes, no leakage.
E. The power supply voltage test is normal, and the motor operates normally. No leakage is allowed.
F. The mounting shell shall be beautiful, firmly welded, and shall be free from welding and obvious deformation.

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